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I’M STILL STANDING: How One Woman’s Brushes with Death Taught Her How To Live

 Hardcover Book $24.95 plus S&H


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Kelly STANDING … has been … hit by a car … struck by lightning … and hanged from a tree. She survived a mass murder. … In an unrelated incident, she had a major organ removed. Contrary to medical precedent, it grew back! … With 48 hours to live, at age 29, doctors told her to say goodbye to her three-year-old daughter … forever. Kelly Standing went into the “Bright Light,” came back out and lived to tell … still Standing … still smiling.

Life knocked her off her heels more than once, but she landed on her feet. You may not want to stand too close to Kelly Standing, but you will want to read this veteran speechwriter’s inspiring story in her own words. Sometimes startling. Frequently funny. Totally true.


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