If I Got Hit by a Bus Tomorrow:

OutSTANDING Lessons for Launching and Leaving Your Personal and Public Legacy …

Ideal for C-Suite audiences, this high-content keynote/workshop draws on Kelly Standing’s 15-year career as an executive speechwriter and coach. She shares the greatness and the gaffes she saw at the top, the successes she celebrated and the self-limiting behaviors she encountered and worked to quell among her accomplished clients (changing the names, of course, to protect the not-always-innocent).

Kelly once spent an entire day one-on-one interviewing the late, great business management guru Peter Drucker. What amazing good fortune; someone actually paid her to pick Peter Drucker’s brain! When Kelly was “on the clock,” they talked about business, but, thankfully, he had a long-standing policy never to discuss business over lunch, so Kelly got a rare glimpse into Drucker’s “legacy” – the way he chose to live off the clock that speaks volumes about why he had such an impact when the dishes cleared, the microphones clicked on, the cameras rolled and the presses ran.

Kelly actually teaches the art of authenticity … and it can be taught. It can be refined or enhanced as a defining part of an executive’s skill set.

Entertaining and thought-provoking, Kelly gets to the heart of personal character and mission and organizational culture and sends executives back to the office with a remarkably simple but often-ignored task … an opportunity … that can have a profoundly positive impact from the inside out and from the top down.

Simply, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” People at the top don’t always hear the truth from those down the ladder. Sometimes they don’t welcome it and may even intentionally or inadvertently squelch opportunities for self-awareness. Sometimes colleagues withhold the truth intentionally or unawares. They may lack the guts or grit or merely the communication skills to share useful, even critical, truths. Kelly offers a liberating roadmap to recognize and blow past those barriers, so individuals and the organizations they serve leave lasting, positive legacies their key audiences will see, feel and want to own or buy.

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See Everything in a New Light:

A No-Fail Formula for WithSTANDING Adversity and Thriving in the Face of Change or Uncertainty.

In this high-content keynote Kelly draws on three of her most astonishing brushes with death to help audience members see their own circumstances in a new light, so they’ll thrive, not just survive whatever comes their way.

Kelly shows audience members how to…

 “Choose to see the world YOUR way … as it COULD be, not as it IS.”

“Stop railing and ranting; the events and inconveniences we rail against MOST often bring our greatest blessings.” She’ll tie HER message to YOUR circumstances.

Kelly says, “If you don’t get what you want, find a way to love what you get ANYWAY.” She shares an amazingly helpful “Forgiveness Formula” she learned from her father. It helps her (and will help your team) see EVERYTHING in a new light.

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It Ain’t About You:

Improve Your STANDING by Coming in Second (or even Last).

If you live your life (and run your organization) as if it “ain’t about you,” you’ll have a better life (and a better bottom line) than you ever imagined. In this high-energy team-building program, Kelly presents one of her all-time most-requested stories. You’ll laugh. You’ll gasp. You may fight back tears. And you’ll think new thoughts about life and work.

In an entertaining way, that story tells audience members how to…

… Banish selfishness, a quality many find difficult to see but easy to address once we see it in this new light.

… Choose generosity.

… Develop the ability to anticipate others’ needs while meeting your own.

… Keep your promises … and … Hold each other accountable without getting perturbed, paranoid or parental about it.

… Choose integrity. What does that look like, and how can each of us deliver it?

… Choose innovation in the moment.

… Squeeze the most juice out of every professional conference or encounter.

Kelly offers an unexpected, works-every-time way to make sure you and your team members never feel you’ve wasted your time or money at a professional gathering again. You’ll return from conventions and events without reams of notes you’ll never consult or apply … and … with ideas you’ll actually implement right away … and … with great new professional relationships forged in the process.

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“Get Help!” … or … “Heal Thyself!”

One Patient Prescribes a Cure for STANDING in Your Own Way.

In this fast-paced, fun, high-content keynote/workshop, Kelly helps audience members recognize and eliminate self-limiting behaviors.

If you want team members to see avenues to innovation … if you want them to adapt and grow within your changing organization or industry … Kelly can help. She tells entertaining tales and shares apply-now lessons that help team members see…

“You don’t know what you don’t know.” Find out how the little things you DON’T know can make a BIG difference.

Dig, dig, dig! Seek wisdom where you ARE … and beyond.

Keep an open mind. Don’t discount the wonky, weird and unconventional … to a point. Kelly offers tips to distinguish the good from the goofy … and how to find the value in anything.

“NEVER lie to your therapist” … and other foolish things people do that dash their own dreams.

Take a page from a journalist’s notebook and become a good question asker. Kelly provides a list and lessons to impart this under-used skill.

Stop attracting the same old, same old. Why do we get what we always got? … It’s NOT just because we do what we’ve always done.

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The Attitude Defibrillator:

Jump-Start Your Team’s Resilience & Ignite Innovation with this OutSTANDING but Overlooked “Medical” Device.

With this program, Kelly uses more of her astonishing stories in the trenches as a corporate speechwriter and former chaplain to criminal youth (serving’s surprisingly similar populations) to give your team just the jolt it needs to …

“Do the Thing You Fear.”

“Re-Write Your Story.”

Ask, “What am I telling myself about myself? … Is it TRUE?” … “What are we (as an organization) telling ourselves about ourselves? … Is it TRUE?” …

Kelly helps audience members get more-than-comfortable with change. In fact, they can learn to love it and look forward to it. Kelly claims, “We learn more out of chaos than we learn out of calm.” She oughta know! And she can PROVE it.

Kelly urges audience members to expect the best from everyone, everything, everywhere, every day … and she shows how that philosophy makes a meaningful, measurable difference.

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You Control U.

Discover the Secret to STANDING Your Ground (and Gaining Ground) in the Midst of Change.

In this jaw-dropping, thought-provoking keynote, Kelly works with audience members to define and design their future selves. She uses sometimes startling, frequently funny, totally true stories from her own life — as a parent, as a friend, as a woman who lost 110 pounds and kept those pounds off … FOR GOOD!

Kelly tells your team …

Bring it! YOU decide who shows up. Bring your best self.” She imparts uncommon common sense about how to show up intentionally every time, every day.

“Be yourself … ALWAYS … even and ESPECIALLY when you’d rather NOT.” Kelly shares a hilarious story with a serious message from her professional past about a time when she had to FORCE HERSELF to deliver the company line … for her OWN good and the good of her customer.”

She urges,“Own everything you say and everything you do, every single day … knowing … it’s not ALL gonna feel good, smell good or look pretty.”

At age 29, doctors told Kelly she had 48 hours to live. She had to think — URGENTLY — about what she would tell her three-year-old daughter … about how and if she’d be remembered. Ask yourself, “For what would I like to be known? … Am I living NOW the way I’d like to be remembered?” If not, what’cha gonna DO about it? Kelly kick-starts the process.

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STANDING at the Microphone™

Tips, Tricks and Tactics for Becoming a Better Speaker

In this program, veteran speechwriter and presentation coach Kelly Standing reveals the #1 flaw that plagues public speakers … and how to overcome it. 

Have you ever heard a bad speech?  What was bad about it?

Have you ever given a bad speech?  What was bad about it?

We’ve all heard (and probably given) speeches that contained one of more of the following flaws:

Too boring, too technical, monotone, disorganized, delivered too fast or too slowly, no eye contact, few meaningful gestures, no passion for the topic, no knowledge of the audience, too nervous — sweaty palms, quivering lips and/or knocking knees, unprepared — trying to “wing it” without research or rehearsal.

In this program, veteran speechwriter and presentation coach Kelly Standing reveals the #1 flaw that plagues public speakers … and it’s none of the above. It’s the hardest flaw to recognize but the easiest to overcome. Kelly can’t guarantee you’ll never hear another clunker speech, but she can help ensure you won’t deliver one.

Kelly customizes this program for each audience and includes:

  1. The #1 Flaw of Public Speaking … and How to Overcome It
  2. OutSTANDING Speechwriting: The “Arnold Horshack Method”
  3. The 10 P’s of Presentation Perfection
  4. No Sweat! … Overcoming Nervousness
  5. Flawless Q & A

If your group members struggle with introducing other speakers, Kelly provides a section titled, “Delivering a Fine How-Do-You-Do.” Her tips help speakers avoid common introduction flaws like stealing a speaker’s thunder, over-promising, talking too much or focusing too much on credentials and not enough on content.

STANDING at the Microphone offers so much information in such a user-friendly format, one listener said, “I’ve heard hundreds of programs on public speaking but most of them were dry and full of theory. They showed that the speaker could speak, but they didn’t offer much practical application to me. After this program, I can actually go out and do it.”

To make the learning last, audience members may download or purchase a hard copy of, “STANDING at the Microphone”™ in their favorite format for future reference.

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STANDING at the Party:

A No-Fail Formula for Making Conversation Comfortably and Profitably™

Some people struggle more with small talk than they do with a big presentation.  If you get more nervous or uncomfortable making conversation one-on-one than you do delivering a speech, you need Kelly Standing’s formula for comfortable conversations. 

Nearly every relationship we have begins with small talk, yet some people struggle more with small talk than they do with a big presentation. Like it or not, throughout our personal and professional lives, we all have to make conversation with people we don’t know very well or people we haven’t seen in a long time … whose names we’ve forgotten and whose lives are a blur to us.

What can we do at a cocktail party, professional gathering or even a family reunion to break the ice and make the awkwardness go away?

In “STANDING at the Party,” Kelly Standing shares hands-on, use-them-now techniques to make even the most reluctant conversationalist more comfortable and confident. Kelly candidly shares some of her own small talk tragedies and what she learned from them. Years ago, she realized most of us (herself included) spend more time deciding what we’ll wear to small talk situations then we do figuring out what we’ll say. That’s short-sighted; small talk can lead to BIG things, and it deserves at least as much attention as the color of your tie or the cut of your blouse. Kelly’s system for small talk includes a quick, pre-party exercise and great conversation starters and conversation builders to get beyond “Hello” and the weather.

Sales professionals find Kelly’s “STANDING at the Party”™ topic particularly useful. She shares easy-to-remember, easy-to-use techniques for moving a prospect from small talk to big sales.

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